Aug 27, 2015

Share your #2KMoments, Celebrate 10 Years of 2K

“It’s your call, Commander” – Central, XCOM


Everyone’s got a 2K moment.                                                                                                  

It’s driving down the lane over three defenders to deliver a fierce dunk.

It’s the first time your Bathysphere floats up over the rise and Rapture comes into view.

Or you’ve lost track of the times you’ve said, “Just one more turn…” to keep your Civilization humming.

What’s yours?

Ask anyone walking through the hallways at 2K, we’ve got stories to tell – not just about the games they’ve worked on, but the 2K franchises that have touched us before we ever started working here.

Like that time you started playing BioShock for the first time and your significant other just wanted to watch while you played.

Maybe you proposed to your wife courtesy of a Borderlands Loot Crate.

Or it could be that time when you created XCOM soldier versions of all your co-workers and you had to hang your head in shame as they got picked off by Sectiods. One. By. One.

In 2015, we’re celebrating 10 years of 2K – that’s a lot of awesome stories out there, just waiting to be told. In the coming days, weeks – and months – we’re going to be on the lookout for your #2KMoments. We want to hear about them while we’re at PAX Prime (Booth 1214 – Look us up!), we want you to tag us on Facebook and Twitter. Jump on YouTube and speak your piece.

We’re looking to collect all the great moments you’ve had playing our games. It could mean that we do a full profile and get your story. It could mean celebrating some awesome YouTube clips, fan art – whatever. This is just the start.

Long story, short – we’re turning 10. We’ve got a lot of great games to look back upon and want hear about your best #2KMoments.

Everyone’s got a story to tell.

Share yours.

Keep talking with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – and here on the 2K Blog.

We’re listening.