Jul 22, 2020

Mafia: Definitive Edition Official Gameplay Reveal

Now that you've reacquainted yourself with Tommy Angelo and the city of Lost Heaven in the "New Beginnings" narrative trailer, we're proud to present the first gameplay trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition. In this new footage, narrated by Hangar 13 President and CCO Haden Blackman, you'll get more insight into how this remake has been built from the ground up by the team at Hangar 13, which includes developers who have worked on every game in the Mafia series.

Along with glimpses of Lost Heaven's bustling streets, period-authentic vehicles, and scenic skyline, the centerpiece of the gameplay trailer is an in-depth look at the mission "A Trip to the Country". We join Tommy on a job about midway through the story campaign, after he's established himself as a valued member of the Salieri Crime Family. Take in the foreboding atmosphere of a deal gone wrong in the pouring rain, then watch as Tommy and Paulie rush to the aid of their friend Sam during a chaotic barn shootout.

The Mafia: Definitive Edition Official Gameplay Reveal trailer is just a taste of what you can expect from this gripping 1930s crime saga. Mafia: Definitive Edition is currently available for pre-order and will launch later this year on September 25, 2020.