Oct 9, 2015

Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide Launches Today


Today is the day! Rising Tide makes planetfall on Earth and now you can try out all the major additions to Civilization: Beyond Earth for yourself.

In the past few weeks here – and on the Civilization News blog – we’ve been telling you all about the Hybrid Affinities, Diplomacy system and setting up an aquatic civilization within Rising Tide.

Rather than listen to us, though, here’s what the critics are saying:


  •  “Of all the things Civilization: Beyond Earth's first expansion accomplishes, the greatest is this: it sorts through centuries of war, politics, and future technology, to reveal the personalities behind it all.” – GameSpot
  •          “Rising Tide is an overhauled look at the core experience, and it would be difficult to go back to Beyond Earth without the myriad enhancements the expansion offers. As with Civilization V before it, Beyond Earth looks like it’s becoming all it can be as it evolves with these upgrades.” – Game Informer
  • “The new, ocean-based mechanics breathe some fresh life into Beyond Earth, but perhaps not as much as the new diplomacy and affinity systems introduced by Rising Tide.” Daily Dot
  •        “It’s honestly going to take months of play before I can definitively say, “Yes, Rising Tide makes Civ: Beyond Earth truly awesome.” But I can say for sure that it makes it a better game—I’m legitimately more excited to play it with these improvements and additions.” io9
  •          “Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide is a well-developed, superbly balanced, and refined evolution of the original. It’s a classic example of what can be accomplished when developers and gamers learn from one another to make the best experience possible.” Gaming Trend
  •          “Rising Tide enhances Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth to the point that it's difficult to imagine the game without it”Game Revolution


Need to build a Civilization in space this weekend? Go ahead and grab your copy now here.