Feb 9, 2017

NBA And NBA 2K Announce NBA 2K eLeague

BIG news coming out the NBA and NBA 2K this morning: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick spoke earlier today on Sportscenter about the new #NBA2KeLeague! We’ll have video to share soon, but here are some choice quotes:

Adam Silver explains that in this new eSports league, "There's going to be a draft. It will begin with a pool of gamers... a global pool of players! There will be a real draft of players...Just like the real NBA, teams will find more players outside draft. You can be 4 feet tall in this league. You can be of any sex, shape, size, ethnicity, nationality."

Strauss Zelnick adds, “This will become their job, in what will probably be, at least initially, a five month season. Our expectation is that we and league partners, are going to search for the most phenomenal players. This will become their job.” All 30 teams have expressed interest, according to Silver. Where will these 2K eLeague games go down? "Sometimes in remote sites, sometimes in NBA arenas where people will come and watch the competition!"

For more details on the big news, check here