Sep 15, 2015

XCOM 2 faces a new enemy: Learn about the ADVENT Stun Lancer

As XCOM continues rallying to fight the ADVENT forces entrenched on Earth, we got some new intel straight from the XCOM News blog. XCOM's CQC experts, the Rangers, are in for some heavy resistance from ADVENT Stun Lancer units: 

This ADVENT soldier has no regard for his own safety. He will sacrifice everything to get close to your soldiers, Commander. Then he will stab them … with an electrified blade. ADVENT’s most aggressive soldiers are more than willing to sacrifice their own lives to crush all resistance to the regime.  

There's more to Stun Lancers than being oversized taser-wielding goons. You'll have to check out the XCOM News blog for additional details, concept art and insights.