Oct 5, 2015

The Firaxicon 2015 Wrap Report [VIDEO]

We have some of the best fans around – and this weekend, the Firaxis Games team got a chance to hang with them. We shared stories, traded insights...and heard a lot from you while we were there.

For those that couldn’t make it, we wanted to give you the armchair general recap of what you missed from Firaxicon. A big thanks, once again, to Gamespot for capturing all the panels so that you can watch them right now, VOD-style.


Leading the Resistance: A Talk on XCOM 2 Design and Setting

“Join the team leads from XCOM 2 as they discuss how they designed XCOM 2 as a follow-up to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within, and get a chance to see never before seen content.”

“When you win in XCOM, it feels authentic because you know loss is just as possible an outcome. So, when you win a game of XCOM…it’s a great memory. Every game of XCOM is an alternative universe – and for all those games we ever won, that never happened in XCOM 2.” – Jake Solomon


Raising the Stakes: A Retrospective on the Design and Goals of Rising Tide

“Listen in as the Rising Tide team shares the process behind developing an expansion pack that takes the game in new directions with expanded content and redefined systems”

“What’s at the heart of a Civ game? It’s got all the “X”es of a 4x game, sure, but it’s a blend of how Civilization treats the map, your decisions and how the game makes you answer questions of who you are and what you want to do. It’s what people on the other end of the map are going to do.” – Dave McDonough


Civilization V Retrospective: The Complete Edition

“Come listen to the Civ V team leads as they share never-before shared stories of early prototype ideas from the prehistory of Civ V.”


“We lived in a total squares environment at Firaxis before Civilization V  - there were no helixes in any of our games. It was so unusual to be talking about a Civilization game in hexes we had to show what the advantages and what the differences would be [in our initial internal pitch].” - Dennis Shirk


Making Life Epic: A Lookback at Sid Meier’s Beloved Classics


“Join Sid Meier and special guests as they look back and provide new insight and stories on the development of classic titles like Civilization, Pirates, Railroads, and more”

"The player should have the fun, not the designer." - Bruce Shelley on making Railroad Tycoon with Sid.

"People don't like to be educated, but they do like learning." – Sid Meier on balancing historical accuracy in Civ.

We are so appreciative of the support you give us that even the Firaxis team lining up to give everyone high-fives after coming out of a panel doesn’t cover it.


Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide launches THIS WEEK on October 9.

XCOM 2 invades PCs everywhere February 5, 2016.