Feb 1, 2016

Long War Studios Announces 3 Free XCOM 2 Mods for Launch

File this under: Great XCOM 2 news you might've missed this past weekend. 

During the XCOM panel at PAX South, we revealed details on our partnership with Long War Studios. LWS will produce three unique mods for XCOM 2, all available FOR FREE at launch. The mods are as follows:

  • SMG-series Weapon Mod: This mod adds three new Submachine Gun-type weapons. SMGs offer bonus mobility, concealment and close-range accuracy when compared to the Assault Rifle, but at a penalty to damage output and long-range accuracy.
  • Muton Centurion Mod: This mod adds a new alien unit to XCOM 2: the Muton Centurion. This Muton leader is stronger than the base Muton and has the ability to grant bonuses to other alien units.
  • XCOM Leader Mod: This mod adds a special “Leader” upgrade path for XCOM soldiers. Leaders, which may be unlocked via an upgrade to the Guerilla Tactics School, draw from a pool of ten new abilities. 

All three of these mods (and more!) will be available free for download through Steam Workshop when XCOM 2 launches on February 5. 

For exclusive screenshots - and more details on these mods - check out the story on the XCOM News Blog now.

For those that couldn't make it to the PAX South panel, you can watch the VOD right below for even more information on mod support in XCOM 2