Sep 28, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Battleborn's Badassery By The Numbers

The depth of Battleborn can’t possibly be captured in a single infographic. And, yet, we're about to try. Both in a fancy animated version....


...and for those of you who like staring long and hard into the mesmerizing face of 11-digit integers to see who will blink first.


(Click to expand.)


If you're still trying to wrap your head around some of these numbers, we asked our math wizards on the Battleborn blog to give us a little more perspective.:

  • Battleborn has 49,576,665,600 different hero and team configurations. You’ve got 7,367,013,205 neighbors here on Earth (and counting) – according to Doing some simple division, it means that everyone on the planet, and then some, could jump into a 5-player co-op game of Battleborn at the same time and each team could have a totally different experience. Think about it. If you’re playing those odds, you’ve got at least 7 billion potential Internet buddies….aaaand unfortunately a couple thousand Internet trolls. Statistically speaking.
  • There are 1024 ways for you to play each base-level hero. You could pick five different variants of a Battleborn hero and ship them to every country on Earth (196) and still have enough alternate versions left to fill the roster of more than three full basketball teams. Nobody tell the NBA about Benedict’s vertical leap, OK

If you crave more math in your day, then head over to the Battelborn blog for more number-crunching facts that simply couldn't be contained in a single Infographic.