Sep 14, 2015

Firaxis MegaPanel: Diplomacy in Civ: Beyond Earth, New XCOM 2 Details

ICYMI ALERT: During PAX Prime, the Firaxis Megapanel brought together the teams working on XCOM 2 and Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide. Sure, we spoke to a packed room on varying approaches to design, but we also went deeper into what’s coming up. There’s a closer look at Rising Tide’s new diplomacy system and Hybrid Affinities, then we took PAX-goers further behind the front lines of XCOM’s fight against ADVENT forces in XCOM 2.

You know what? Rather than telling you about it, how about you just watch it for yourself?

The “I’m in a hurry” shortcut guide:

Civ: Beyond Earth affinity talk:

Civ: Beyond Earth diplomacy:

Best description of an alien unit for Civ: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide:


XCOM 2 alien insights:

XCOM 2 details on the Grenadier Solider:

XCOM 2 character customization details:

Our favorite quote from Jake Solomon on the new Chryssalid: